Hi! I'm Hannah-Rose

(pronounced Ha-na-Rose)

I balance life between my home town of Sacramento and Grass Valley with my husband and 4 year old son. I love spending time in nature, gardening, cooking, painting, crafting, playing my guitar, medicine drum, rattle and flute. I love exploring the American and Yuba rivers. I honestly enjoy listening to birth podcasts and birth stories. I am a forever student, constantly excited about learning. I love being part of various communities, where I can be supported and be of support to others. I strive to be a more healthful and mindful person and parent. 

The Story of My Birth


My own mother’s journey through multiple cesarean births, hospital vaginal births, and finally two home births, opened my eyes to the power of self-advocacy and education. I was her 3rd baby, a vaginal birth after 2 cesareans in 1987. She had to change her insurance and drive to a different city to find a hospital provider who would support her. She also found a birth attendant which were rare in those days. Her determination to birth me vaginally was an inspiration. My birth was a political act for my mother to regain autonomy over her body and her reproductive choices. Because of her legacy I chose a home birth for my own son, but I respect the decision to birth anywhere you feel best supported. 

  • Supporting families as a Birth Doula in 2021

  • I also supported families in 2020 with prenatal education, birth preparation, postpartum and breastfeeding help, resources and referrals but was unable to attend births due to Covid. 

  • I personally had an unmedicated birth. I honor everyone's goals and decisions in their own unique journey. Whatever you would like support with, I am here for you! I am honored to hold space for either medicated or unmedicated birth experiences. 

  • I have supported hospital birth experiences that included epidurals and inductions. I can help prepare you for what to expect and guide in labor and pushing positions specifically designed to optimize the experience and outcomes with or without epidural use. 

  • I am involved in the mentorship program of Doula Shalin Butterworth of So Zen Birth. I am being coached by her in all aspects of my development as an intuitive and knowledgable birth worker. Being part of her support circle of experienced Doulas, including a long time labor and delivery nurse, is giving me the inside scoop on all the hospitals in the Sacramento region. We meet monthly to dive into birth topics and how we can best support each other and the families we serve.

  • Shalin will be available as a virtual back up support and resource anytime day or night for your birth. 

  • Participated in the in-depth 6 wk Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Education class June 2021 that covered the latest research evidence around hot birth topics: What is evidence based care and how to find it, toolkits to manage pain and anxiety, knowing your birth setting statistics, hospital policy and knowing your rights, positioning and comfort measures, preventing tearing, respectful communication, natural and medical interventions such as inductions, preventing the preventable cesarean and info on family centered cesareans.

  • Spinning Babies Workshop August 2021. All about the importance of optimal fetal position and what we can do to help baby navigate the pelvis efficiently. What can we do when baby is breech, stalled labor, painful back labor, or long labors? Techniques to use prenatally and during labor. 

My Experience 


Doulas of North America (DONA) Training, certification in process


Breastfeeding Education Counselor 

UCSD 2020


Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. 

California Institute of Integral Studies

San Francisco 2015


Doula mentorship participant with So Zen Birth


Evidence Based Childbirth Class participant June 2021


Spinning Babies Birth Workshop August 2021


Lactation Consultant prerequisite education including nutrition, early childhood development, psychology, sociology