Birth Doula Support Packages

 Fox Package

Hospital or Birth Center Birth  $1200

Home or Virtual Birth  $1000

Bear Package

Hospital or Birth Center Birth $1400

Home or Virtual Birth $1200

Lioness Package

Hospital or Birth Center Birth $1600

Home or Virtual Birth $1400

I look forward to meeting you and hearing about how I can support you. 

Fox Package

  • Unlimited text, phone and email support while we work together.

  • 2 in depth, in person prenatal visits where I get to know you and your goals for the birth. I get to know what kind of support you would like what that looks like. I provide basic education about the labor process. We talk about questions to ask your provider prenatally, make a birth preferences guide, discuss what early labor at home can look like, when to call your doula, when to go to the hospital, and what to expect when you arrive. We practice hands on labor positions and comfort measures. Discuss ways to prepare for an unmedicated birth or effective ways to labor with an epidural. We can talk about a postpartum plan and breastfeeding or feeding plan as well. 

  • 3rd visit late pregnancy via zoom to check in before your birth. Any changes, concerns, questions as the birthing day grows close.

  • I have a good eye for photos and can take a few phone photos if you want: those first moments after baby is born are so sweet! 

  • 24 hr on call availability starting at 37 wks until you give birth. 

  • Experienced back up doulas on call that I trust.

  • Postpartum visit where we can talk about the birth, go over any questions about new baby care including breastfeeding.

Bonus Educational Gifts

Access to the private comfort measures videos in the So Zen Birth Community

Birth Monopoly Advocacy course "3 Things Every Parent Should Know About Hospital Birth"

Borrowing library with Spinning Babies Daily Essentials video and books like "The First 40 Days" and "Mindful Birthing"

sisterhood gift 

choose one

Raw belly cast

Custom ceremony

 One hour massage prenatal or post partum

One hour card reading 

Custom Art

One hour medicine music journey

Pregnancy Yoga

Bear Package

  • Everything from the fox package

  • Choose 3 sisterhood gifts OR an additional in person prenatal

  • Prenatal breastfeeding education 

Lioness Package

  • Everything from the fox package

  • Choose 3 sisterhood gifts AND an additional in person prenatal 

  • Full Breastfeeding support package included

A portion of your fee will be donated to  4KIRA4MOMS  a Black lead reproductive justice non profit working to eliminate disparities in maternal health outcomes. Black and Indigenous mothers are 4X more likely to die from childbirth related causes than white women. Research has found this staggering disparity even after controlling for

AGE, education, and income.

Image by Alex Pasarelu