Doula Birth Support Packages

Student Special!  Last spot is pending as ofJuly 13th, 2021

*Not taking July due dates

I am discounting my first 3 births  

I need 3 births to earn my DONA Doula Certification.

My cost after these births will be $1400, so the discounted rate is $750


For this client I will have Shalin Butterworth on call virtually to support throughout the birth. Shalin is an experienced Doula with many resources to offer.


Check out her website at

Fill out my contact form to schedule a free 45 min consultation via zoom

What I Provide

  • Unlimited text, phone and email support while we work together.

  • 2 in depth, in person prenatal visits where I get to know you and your goals for the birth. I get to know what kind of support you would like what that looks like. I provide basic education about the labor process, but recommend you do your own childbirth education. We talk about questions to ask your provider prenatally, make a birth preferences guide, discuss what early labor at home can look like, when to go to the hospital, and what to expect when you arrive. We practice hands on labor positions and comfort measures. Discuss ways to prepare for an unmedicated birth or effective ways to labor with an epidural. We can talk about a postpartum plan and breastfeeding or feeding plan as well. 

  • 3rd visit late pregnancy via zoom to check in before your birth. Any changes, concerns, questions as the birthday grows close.

  • I have a good eye for photos and can take a few phone photos if you want: those first moments after baby is born are so sweet! 

  • 24 hr on call availability starting at 37 wks until you give birth. 

  • Experienced back up doulas on call that I trust.

  • Postpartum visit where we can talk about the birth, go over any questions about new baby care including breastfeeding.

  • Access to my lending library of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding books. 

My Experience

  • I had an unmedicated home birth myself so I would be honored to hold space for anyone interested in either home birth or unmedicated hospital birth.

  • I supported a mother through a hospital birth and laboring with an epidural. The epidural helped her relax and rest. We worked with the nurse to try comfortable positions that kept pelvis open for baby.

  • I am working with experienced Doula Shalin Butterworth of So Zen Birth in her mentorship program. I am being coached by her in all aspects of my development as an intuitive and knowledgable birth worker. Being part of her support circle of experienced Doulas, including a long time labor and delivery nurse, is giving me the inside scoop on all the hospitals in the Sacramento region. We meet monthly to dive into birth topics and how we can best support our families.

  • Participated in an in-depth 6 wk Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Education class June 2021 that covered the latest research evidence around hot birth topics: What is evidence based care and how to find it, toolkits to manage pain and anxiety, knowing your birth setting statistics, hospital policy and knowing your rights, positioning and comfort measures, preventing tearing, respectful communication, natural and medical interventions such as inductions, preventing the preventable cesarean and info on family centered cesareans.

  • Spinning Babies student. What can we do when baby is breech, stalled labor, painful back labor, or long labors? Techniques to use prenatally and during labor. 

  • I supported 3 women in 2020 with prenatal education, birth preparation, postpartum help, resources and referrals but was unable to attend births due to Covid. 

Choose one of the following including in your fee. 

A $75 value.


A nourishing postpartum meal chosen by you from "The First 40 days"

A prenatal sound bath + tarot reading

A full body, or site specific massage

A raw belly cast

A ritual bath + tarot reading

A portion of your fee will be donated to 4 Kira 4 Moms, a Black lead reproductive justice non profit working to eliminate disparities in maternal health outcomes. Black and Indigenous mothers are 4x more likely to die from childbirth related causes than white women. Research has found this staggering disparity even after controlling for education and income.