Ceremonial Offerings

I feel women need more support through the transitions that motherhood brings. There is so much emphasis in our culture on the baby, often the needs of not only new mothers but seasoned mothers, can be neglected. My goal is to continue the legacy and practice of Indigenous traditions that place value on birth as a rite of passage, honoring and creating ceremony and ritual to support mothers in bringing new life into this world.

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 Mother's Blessing 

ceremonial celebration planning and facilitation

Wondrous Woman,
Goddess full of life with womb in bloom.. You are a divine force bringing forth the next generation, and that is something worthy of honoring. Creatix, growing pure love, holding space for a new life to ripen, I bow to you. Let me show you how adored you truly are.
With all my heart and Soul,
Your dear sister

- The Birth Hour Blessing Way

A Mother's Blessing is a gathering that has its roots in the Navajo tradition of Blessingways which are ceremonies leading up to various important life transitions.

It can be as creative desired, picking which traditions and rituals feel most supportive of the mother. It is a beautiful time to honor a mother as she prepares to bring her little one earth side. Bringing together a group of close friends who can offer wisdom, encouragement and love is a way to support and celebrate the mama as a community. It doesn't even have to just be for the mom! You can include both parents in the process as they prepare to step into a new life phase together, whether it be for the first time or with subsequent children.


I can work with you to create a unique event to celebrate the transitions that comes with bringing a little light being into the world. 

Becoming a mother is something that is hard to prepare yourself for. The maiden to mother transition is welcome for some, but may be more challenging for others. It can take years to fully integrate yourself into your new role. Cultivating community spaces of support, rituals and ceremony can be so helpful as you learn to let go of the person you once were, and step into a new phase of your journey. 

“This is the purpose of creative ritual – increasing balance in connection with in ourselves, with each other, the world, and with the larger rhythms and energies that bring stability and light to our lives.” -Renee Beck and Sydney Metrick, The Art of Ritual