Custom Belly Casting

Create a timeless art piece with your belly bump!




~I will travel to your home to make a cast of your belly ideally between 35-38 weeks of pregnancy. 

~Allow 1.5 hours for the appointment. 

~Contact me for more information if you are interested.


$75 Option #1 Raw Belly Casting 

$200 Option #2 Belly Cast with smoothing plaster layer, and gesso.  Ready to hang. Perfect canvas for you to do your own art.

$500 Option #3 Belly Cast plastered, ready to hang, simple custom paint.

$1000+ Option #4 Belly Cast plastered, ready to hang, more complex custom paint, mosaic glass, mixed media. We will work together to create a design that is meaningful and specific to you.

Option #1 Example

Option #2 Example