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Hi! I'm Hannah-Rose

Every woman knows how to birth

Every baby knows how to be born

My purpose is to be

A witness & reflection to your innate knowing


A sister with resources and experiences to share


 I am a space holder for your vision

Where ever you choose to bring your baby earthside, it is my mission to be a wealth of information as you navigate the unknowns of pregnancy, birth and early postpartum.  These experiences only happen once in a lifetime and deserve to be in a space of trust, respect, and safety. 

I act as a support system and guide as you and your partner advocate for the birth you envision and walk with confidence in your own intuition.

My wish is that this time be a joyful and memorable beginning on the journey of parenthood for all families.




"I decided to hire Hannah-Rose as my doula for my second hospital birth. Meeting with her a few times before I delivered my son she was so helpful and understanding. Hannah-Rose was able to help comfort me while I was in labor she knew what positions helped me and what positions could encourage the baby to come. 
Having her there was nice because I knew she understood and spoke encouraging words over me much different then the nurses could. I would recommend Hannah as a Doula to any mom to be because she shows how much she is willing to support you and the baby and what you want for your birth.
The most special part is she cut the umbilical cord."

Sarah & Judah

"My husband and I had such a wonderful experience with Hannah-Rose as our Doula!!! As first time parents we learned so much from our pre-birth sessions and it brought us so much comfort having her knowledge and insight as we approached our baby's birthday! We decided to use a Doula last minute, ~37 weeks and I'm so grateful we did and that it was Hannah-Rose!! She's very calm, supportive, cool and Zen. She's also full of helpful information from pregnancy on to help make labor and birth a magical experience. She wasn't afraid to advocate for me at the hospital and happily reached out to more seasoned Doulas for additional advice as needed.
I really can't express properly in words how thankful & grateful I am to have had her throughout my long labor and 3 hours of pushing!! She perfectly rounded out our team- myself, my husband and Hannah-Rose. I can't imagine (and don't want to) going through the beautifully hard, intense experience of bringing our darling baby into the world without her!"

Paige & Zane

"Hannah-Rose helped me during my third pregnancy last year and was gentle and knowledgeable. She had a lot of information to share to help with preparation before, during and after labor. She also really tried to find out how I wanted my birth to go and assist me in making that happen. I would highly recommend her!"

Ryan & Jarrett

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