Hannah-Rose Kent

Birth Doula
Lactation Education Counselor
Belly Casting Artist
Ceremonial Offerings


After becoming a mother, a whole new world opened up to me and now my passion is birth work. I have a vision to help create a more equitable and sacred journey into parenthood for everyone. My goal is to support parents in advocating for themselves and build their self-confidence in what can be a journey with many unknowns.  

I am here to support your birth vision and goals.

Birth is something that can be planned, but not controlled.


The important thing is feeling a sense of control and empowerment, knowing you have a well rounded team that keeps you informed, trusts you, and respects your wishes. I want to be a birth doula that listens and leads with confidence, based on the needs of my clients. 

I would love to be on your team as I build my experience in helping families navigate the challenges as well as the magic of birth and postpartum.  

Benefits of Having a Doula

Doula care has actually been included in many research studies and has been shown to reduce labor times, improved satisfaction and reduce the rate of cesarians among other things. 

Evidence Based Birth has a great summary of What Doulas Do:

They provide physical support, such as touch, create and maintain calm environment, suggest heat, support while walking, moving.

They provide emotional support, helping mothers feel cared for, and empowered in their decisions. They are a continuous presence, they provide reassurance, encouragement and praise. They help work through doubts and fears that may come up.

They provide informational support, suggest various meditations, breathing techniques and position changes. Explain medical procedures before or as they occur. Help to find evidence based resources about different options in pregnancy and birth. 

They provide advocacy. They encourage questions to be asked and for clients to verbalize their preferences to care providers. Asking the mother what she wants and supporting her decisions.

Regardless of the birth situation, the parents have rights and autonomy of their bodies and their baby. 

How is having a doula different than having a partner or husband there? 

The birth partner will need breaks, and they have their own needs throughout the experience that can benefit from support. Many partners have limited knowledge of medical procedures, and hospital routines, while doulas have knowledge and experience that can help inform and support. Together, the partner and doula make an effective and comprehensive team.  



"Hannah-Rose helped me during my pregnancy last year and was gentle and knowledgeable. She had a lot of information to share to help with preparation before, during and after labor. She also really tried to find out how I wanted my birth to go and assist me in making that happen. I would highly recommend her!"

Ryan Fields